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Corset Size Charts
Having trouble or confused about what size corset to order?

Just contact us for assistance. We're always glad to help.

As we offer plus size products from many manufacturers
with different size charts.

We have placed size charts for each product on the
appropriate product ordering page. Please review
each product size chart before ordering. 

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Fashion Corsets
Authentic Corsets
Corset Sizing Tip:
1) Take your waist measurement just above your navel and then subtract 3 to determine your corset size.
2) If your under bust is only 1” more than, or less than, your waist you’ll need to go down an entire size.
3)Example: Waist is 33” (33 – 3 = size 30) If under bust is 34” or less then corset size should be size 28.
Corsets are equal to their size. Meaning, when a size 42 corset is laid out flat it is 42 inches across. The top and bottom vary slightly.

Ready Made - Off The Rack Corset and Your Body Measurements

Your body measurements dictate how the corset will look like on the back side were the laces are.

A) If all of your body measurements are in the 3X size range the back of your new corset should be close to this.

B) If your bust and waist measurements are in the 3X size range and your hips are in the 5X size range the back of your new corset should be close to this

  C) If your bust measurements are in the 5X size range and your waist and hips are in the 3X size range the back of your new corset should be close to this

 D) If your bust and hip measurements are in the 5X size range and  your waist is in the 3X  size range the back of your new corset            should be close to this.

How to take a waist measurement

Loop the tape around the narrowest part of your waist so it's snug fitting, but not pinching any skin. Make sure not to pull the measuring tape tightly – and always measure 2 or 3 times for accuracy.

What does size 3X/4X or 5X/6X mean?

Some corsets are adjustable or elastic enough that they come in combined sizes. For example, an corset size for example might be 3XL/4XL and 5XL/6XL. This means, for example, a size 3XL/4XL will fit if you wear a 3XL or 4XL, as shown on the size chart.

Sizing Alert from Just Plus Size Corsets!

Just Plus Size Corsets want to verify that you used the correct sizing guide to determine your size. If you have any questions or doubts we're just a phone call or email away. A short delay in ordering now is much better than having to wait for an exchange later.

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