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Corset Sizing Guide
Having trouble or confused about what size corset to order?

Just contact us for assistance. We're always glad to help.

As we offer plus size products from many manufacturers
with different size charts.

We have placed size charts for each product on the
appropriate product ordering page. Please review
each product size chart & your natural measurements
before ordering. 

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Corset Boning
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How to Measurement For Your Corset based on your natural measurements.

Underbust - Your underbust measurement should be taken right around where your bra band rests.

Natural Waist - Your natural waist measurement should be taken at the smallest part of your waist. Usually this point is just above the navel. Bodies come in all shapes so this may not be correct for you. If you're not sure of where your natural waist is, stand with a straight back and by tilting your torso sideways the place where your torso bends and creases that's it. That's your natural waist. Now loop the tape around your waist so it's snug fitting, but not pinching any skin. Make sure not to pull the measuring tape tightly – and always measure 2 or 3 times for accuracy.

Hips - Your hip measurement should be taken right around your hip bones at the iliac crest.

Corset Sizing Tips
(recommended reading)
Traditional Corset Sizing Tips 

For Black Iris Corsets, Cougar Custom Corsets, Bonitaz-Corsets Tatiana Corsets, and Daisy Corsets-Sugar Collection

Most corsets are made equal to their size. The corset size chart shows the waist measurement of the corset fully closed is 46" - meaning with the corset fully laced and closed at the laces and the front busk (front opening) unhooked and the corset laid out flat on a table, the waist area (narrowest part of the corset) will measure close to 46 inches. The bust area and hip area of the corset measurements are measured in the same way with their fully closed measurements.

Remember corset sizing is adjustable with the laces.

You want the fully closed corset measurements on the corset size chart to be less than your natural waist, bust and hip measurements. If the fully closed measurement on the corset size chart is equal to or more than your natural measurements the corset will not fit properly. 

The fully closed corset measurements on the corset size chart should be about 4 to 6 inches less than your natural waist measurement depending on the desired cinch (Always review the fully closed corset measurement on the each product size chart and compare to your natural waist, bust and hip measurements before ordering.) and If you are "waist training" about 6 to 8 inches depending on the desired cinch for a tight-lacing waist training corsets. (note: if your are not waist training but like a waist training corset the fully closed corset measurements should be about 4 to 6 inches less than your natural waist, bust and hip measurements depending on the desired cinch)

Always start with your waist measurement first when sizing for your corset. Take your waist measurement just above your navel and then subtract 3 to 6 inches depending on the desired cinch to determine your corset size.

The next measurement to look at is your under bust measurement. If your under bust is up to 2” more  than your natural waist you’ll need to go down an entire size. Example: Natural Waist is 47” (47 – 3 = size 44) If your under bust measurement is 45” or less then corset size should be size 42.

Now the hip measurement, most corsets will set just above your hips unless the corset is s long cut or long line design which sets farther down on the hip.
Size Range Corset Sizing Tips
(Most Popular)

For Daisy Corsets - Lavish Collection and Top Drawer Collection ONLY. 

Traditional corsets and size range corsets both cinch at the waist and both push the squish up and push the squish down from the waist.

Traditional corset will push the squish out of corset at the top and hips. Along with a tight fit around your underbust and may feel a little uncomfortable when wearing an extended period of time.

Size range corsets fit differently than the traditional corset. Size range corsets like the traditional corset both cinch at your waist but the size range corset fits not as tight at your underbust leaving room for the squish to fill in and feel tight. With more room around your underbust a size range corset will feel more comfortable to wear for an extended period time.

There are 2 main measurement points to be used with this style of corset:

1) Your “Natural Waist” Measurement
(not your jean size)

2) Your “Natural Under Bust” Measurement
(bra band size)

If you are between sizes always use the smaller size
(Example: 46¾” would be 46”).

Remember corset tightness is adjustable 
with the laces.

The size chart we use for size range corsets differ from the other traditional corset size charts. We have taken the sizing instructions that we received from Daisy Corsets to be use with the Lavish Corset Collection and the Top Drawer Collections and have created a size chart using that information. Just Plus Size Corsets believes from testing that this size chart is easier to use and is more accurate and most importantly without the math.

Corsets And Your Body Shape
By Black Iris Corset Design
Corset Type Corset Is Designed To… Choose This Style If… Avoid This Style If…
Underbust Corset It will cinch in your waist and deliver an extra lift to your breasts. It’s designed to sit right at the hipbone (iliac crest) on most wearers, and has a contoured underbust line to accentuate and lift the bust area. The center front is a maximum of 12”, and from underbust to lap you should measure at least 9.5” to be able to sit comfortably. It has a hourglass or “modern slim” silhouette. if you are an “apple” or “ruler” shape, with a fairly balanced rib cage and hip. Men can wear this style as well, sometimes upside-down if it’s more comfortable. People with average-to-longer torso lengths should fit this cut. if you have a torso shorter than 9” in height. If you desire a dramatic “pear” shape and your high hip (iliac) is 8-10 inches (or more) larger than your natural waist, consider our long cut.
Longer Underbust Corset to flatter those with longer torsos and / or those who are pear-shaped, as this style has adjustable side hip ties. While this corset will cinch in your waist it will also deliver an extra lift to the breasts. The center front is around 13” long, and you should measure at least 11” from underbust to lap in order to sit in this corset comfortably. This style is also the most flattering for full-figured wearers and those who have a pooch or "mother's apron." if you are plus-sized, especially with an underbust measurement smaller than your waist. Those with a long torso will find this the most flattering as it will cover all of your tummy. Those who have prominent hips (your iliac crest measures 8-10” more than your waist) will also find the expandable hip ties more comfortable. if you have a torso 10” or less in height, unless you don’t plan to sit down for long periods in this corset.
Waist Cincher has a mild, slim silhouette and is more for tummy flattening than extreme training. This corset is 8” long in the center front, which is 3-4 inches shorter than the standard length underbust, so the top line generally comes up to the lower ribs, and cuts slightly above the iliac crest. On someone with a short torso, it may reach up to the underbust line. Those who have a torso length of 6.5” or longer will be able to sit comfortably in this corset. if your torso is less than 9” in height, and your rib cage and hips are fairly balanced. Those with a longer torso can wear this corset as well, fashioned as a wide belt. if you have a prominent lower tummy pooch (aka “mother’s apron”), as this corset is very short and will not fully cover the lower abdomen.
Overbust corset tops have a 3-point fitting system - so even though our corsets are still standard sized, you will be able to control the fit. With more choices, you have a higher chance of having a more flattering and comfortable fit

Pre-Made  -  Non-Custom Corsets and Your Body Shape

How your body measurements dictate how the corset will look like on the back side were the laces are.

A) If all of your body measurements are in the 46 size range on the size chart the back of your new corset should be close to this.

B) If your bust and waist measurements are in the 46 size range on the size chart and your hips are in the 50 size range on the size chart the back of your new corset should be close to this.

  C) If your bust measurements are in the 50 size range on the size chart and your waist and hips are in the 46 size range on the size chart the back of your new corset should be close to this

 D) If your bust and hip measurements are in the 50 size range on the size chart and your waist is in the 46 size range on the size chart the back of your new corset should be close to this.

Plus Size Custom Corsets

Sizing Alert from Just Plus Size Corsets!

Just Plus Size Corsets want to verify that you used the correct sizing guide to determine your size. If you have any questions or doubts we're just a phone call or email away. A short delay in ordering now is much better than having to wait for an exchange later.

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